Five Effective Strategies for Giving Presentation

Giving a beautiful presentation is one of the most talked-about and necessary skills in the 21st century. It is a smartness

to give a good presentation in today’s world, be it in the field of education, work or business, to give a positive

impression about you to the people of that sector. William Rushton said – “The goal of this presentation is to impress,

rather than inform.” How confident and active you are at work is reflected in your presentation.

The following 5 important tips can make your presentation more beautiful and acceptable –

  • Preparation: There is no substitute for prep to give a beautiful and rich presentation. Before planning a presentation, the
  • audience needs to have a clear idea of what the main point of the presentation is and what message they want to
  • A presenter briefly presents the main message of a detailed presentation to the audience. However, if the
  • presenter has good knowledge and skills about the content of the presentation, the presentation becomes richer and
  • The presenter also seems confident. By arranging the main points of the presentation in advance according to
  • the pre-plan, you will be able to maintain a section in the whole presentation.
  1. Audience and eye contact: Understanding the audience is an important part of a good presentation. It is important
  2. to combine what the audience wants to hear and what I want to give as a Present your message
  3. beautifully based on what the audience expects in this presentation and what they actually want to In this
  4. case, if you know in advance what class of people is coming to your presentation, you will be able to easily pre-
  5. plan and give your audience a presentation as expected from their place. However, your engagement with the
  6. audience during the presentation is equally important. During the presentation, you should always keep an eye on
  7. the audience’s response respond to them and make eye contact. Most presenters fail to do this. No matter how
  8. good the content of your presentation is, the importance of eye contact with the audience should be very important
  9. behind its success. Keeping an eye on the audience by smiling and making eye contact helps a lot in the
  10. This also reduces the nervousness of the presenter.
  11. I want the beginning to be interesting: The beginning of your presentation depends on how good your presentation
  12. will be and will attract the audience. So you must pay attention to the audience’s attention at the beginning. It will
  13. be helpful for you to do something different without saying “Welcome” or “Good Morning” at the beginning, to
  14. make the presentation nice and to attract the audience towards you in the whole presentation. So you can start the
  15. presentation with a short funny story or with a quote or quote from a famous person or you can start with a lesson
  16. from your own real experience. If you can’t do any of these, maybe you can start the presentation by asking a small
  17. As a result, your presentation will be attractive to the audience.

Five Effective Presentation

10-240. -30 Rules:

Guy Kawasaki, an Apple official, said there was a rule about the presentation so that the audience could be easily

captivated. According to him, the presentation should be a slide show at 10 o’clock and the topics should be presented in

the form of some points on the slides without presenting much in the form of paragraphs. However, care should be taken

that the duration of the presentation does not exceed 20 minutes. And the font size for writing on the slide will not be

more than 30. This is called “Death by PowerPoint” in the presentation.

  1. Body language: Body language is very important in a presentation. During the presentation, stand still and move
  2. from left to right in the audience, not like a robot. Do not put your hands inside your pockets or keep your hands
  3. Changing facial expressions as well as words, moving hands as needed. Therefore, all aspects, as well as the
  4. aspect of body language, should be given equal importance.

In addition to the above, it should be pronounced appropriately so that every word of the presentation reaches the ears of

the audience. Speaking vaguely, the audience will not understand anything and will have to be aware enough about the


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