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7 things to be careful of while cleaning the TV

When Cleaning TV

Many people clean the TV like any other home appliance in the house. But it is important to know that using the wrong method can permanently damage your TV screen. Or your TV’s warranty may be void.

Since there is no cover on the TV, it is normal for dust and dirt to fall on the screen regularly. However, there are several precautions to be followed while cleaning the TV screen. A report by Gadget Now has revealed how to clean the TV screen. Let’s find out.

While Cleaning the TV

* Avoid using towels and tissues to clean the TV: Most TV screens are sensitive. Fibers in even soft items like tissues and towels can damage the TV screen. Whether it’s an LCD, OLED, plasma or older CRT display, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth to clean the TV screen. This type of cloth is very soft so it is easy to clean any type of TV screen. There is no risk of staining or damaging the TV screen.

* Do not rub the TV screen too hard: TV screens are generally fragile in nature. Applying pressure or rubbing too hard can cause damage. The screen should be wiped as gently as possible. Avoid spraying liquid directly on the TV screen. The liquid should be sprayed on a lint-free cloth or microfiber and then gently wiped.

* Do not spray any liquid on the TV:

No liquid should be sprayed while cleaning the TV. This may damage the internal parts of the TV. Overspray can also damage the TV. Products containing ammonia, alcohol or acetone should not be used, as these may damage the anti-glare coating.

* Not keeping TV on while cleaning: TV should be switched off while cleaning. This reduces the risk of electrical accidents.

* Wiping the TV screen from all sides:

While cleaning the TV screen, first wipe on one side and secondly on the opposite side. This method helps ensure that no smudges are left on the screen. It helps to remove the lines of clothes while cleaning.

* Changing the cloth after several wipes: The cleaning cloth should be changed after several wipes. The cloth should be turned upside down after a while during cleaning. The dirt on the cloth will not be applied to the screen again. It is important to change the cleaning cloth after a few wipes as it will collect less dust, otherwise the screen may get scratched.

* Operating the TV after drying the screen: The screen should be thoroughly dried before switching on the TV.

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